Hear Our Voices!

Our Goals

More than 20 million of American Immigrants came to the United States from the countries with oppressive, totalitarian regimes from around the globe. We chose to leave our homelands and embrace the United States with one thing in common: we believed in what this country always stood for - the American values. For us, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are not some archaic documents, but rather concrete promises made to us by this country – promises upon which we bargained our lives and livelihoods. Freedom, liberty, and pursuit of happiness are tangible commitments which America gave us. In return, we, the immigrants, pledged our loyalty to and promised to uphold and defend the constitution of the United States. This is what we intend to do now.

We have chosen this land because we wanted to enjoy its freedoms: the freedom of speech, the freedom of assembly, the freedom to create, produce, sell, and otherwise enjoy the fruits of our labor. We relied on the rights of all American citizens to vote freely, to be judged fairly and equitably, and to defend our families in accordance with the laws of this country.

Today, it appears to us immigrants that our adopted homeland is reneging on its promises. We have given up so much to be here, and so it is particularly painful and alarming for us to see the erosion of our constitutional rights that is taking place.

We came here from the USSR, Vietnam, China, Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, Easter Europe countries, and many other places. At home, we often speak our native tongues, watch TV coming from the places of our birth, listen to the radio in our native language, and read our language-specific newspapers. Most of us are fiscally conservative, family oriented, and hard-working.

It is time for us to stand up for ourselves and our values. It is time for us to fight for America that we have always believed in. We do not want our children to go to schools which undermine these values. We do not want them to learn to burn the American flag for the honor of which to call our own we have paid a heavy price indeed.

We believe, it is our turn to honor the pledge that we have made to the United States when it embraced us. We are standing ready to unite and defend our cherished freedoms.


Our goal is to unify the American immigrant communities and give them the platform and the voice to be heard loud and clear across the political spectrum. We cherish traditional American values and believe in its promises, and we demand this country to honor our constitutionally guaranteed freedoms.

The leaders of our organization speak many languages and represent truly diverse communities of American immigrants.

Path Forward

Our immediate goal is to enable free communication within and between various immigrant groups that share our views and values.

As the first step, on November 1, 2021 a new internet portal will open its doors to the first minority group, a 4.5 million strong Russian speaking community. Other languages will follow.

This portal hosts bloggers, journalists, video-bloggers, etc. Each content provider has his or her own page(s) and is free to post, free from censorship and/or cancellation.

Our portal uses an open-source de-centralized technology that allows to withstand attacks from many ill-wishing parties. Like an army of small drones, we use an army of small servers, spread all over the world, that assures continuity of our operations.

This portal allows carefully screened content providers to conduct seminars, teach one-to-one or group lessons, present their books, podcast live, and even organize their own TV programs to reach unlimited worldwide audience.

Eventually, each willing Immigrant community will have its own access to the portal. Visitors will be able to select the preferred language from the common entry-way page.


Our organization has its leadership and strong support from various segments of immigrant communities across the US. We have a potential audience of more than 20 million people. We have the technological base and content providers ready to spread the word and empower the immigrant communities across the United States to communicate their ideas freely and make their voices count in the political discourse in the United States.

We intend for the first time in the American history to unite voices of the “Americans by Choice” and give them a platform to express their opinions.

Minorities in the US

According to World Atlas and Busines insider, in the US live:

  • 1,7 million Cubans
  • 1.5 million Iranians
  • 3.8 million Chinese
  • 1.5 million Vietnamese
  • 3.0 to (some sources say) 4.5 million Russian speaking people.
  • 1.6 million Arabs (from Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco)
  • 1.57 million of Czechs
  • 1.42 million Koreans
  • 1.4 million Armenians
  • 0.2 million Venezuelans
Those are people who lived in oppressive societies and came to the US seeking freedom and opportunities. Total of American citizens who experienced oppressive cultures before they came to the US is between 16 and 20 million people.