As a citizen of the United States who actively participated in the political processes in this country, I could not help but begin to worry about the ease with which the propaganda efforts of the new socialists (some call themselves Marxists, others - globalists and liberals) convince the masses in almost any lie they wanted to introduce into the consciousness of the population.

Looking around, I realized that all the same processes that are taking place in the United States are taking place in many other countries. From a temporary state of democracy, security and prosperity, the world seems to be trying to return to oppression, dictatorships, and the abolition of freedom of speech. And it is highly likely that the attack on freedom and equality comes from one powerful source, reinforced many times over by the corrupt media.

It occurred to me that the fight against indoctrination should be conducted on two levels. First, one must show people what really was happening, and analyze it based on a simple principle formulated by the great philosopher of the 1st century BC, Rav. Hilel the Gadol. The principle is simple and complex at the same time: "Do not do to the other what you do not want them to do to you." Secondly, to make it difficult for indoctrinators to fool us, a "school of thinking" shall be established on the portal. That is, we will teach what was stopped teaching in modern schools and universities. We will teach to doubt everything, not to believe but to check, we will teach to look for and be able to find multiple causes of events and be able to calculate the multiple consequences of actions.

In short, we will teach our pupils to answer complex questions and challenges of the modern world with their own grey cells, to make thoughtful and responsible decisions by themselves.

To do that, I invited totally independent bloggers and journalists with non-Marxist views to stick together, be published on one platform, and show and analyze events without prejudice. I invited those opinion makers and influencers whom the left-wing media and social networks plug their mouths and censor and ostracize their work. Now each one of us is not alone - there are many of us whom the official propaganda machine hates. And hopefully there will be even more of us!

It as soon realized that in our school we must also teach "relationships" - how to build relationships with parents, spouses, children, colleagues, relatives, and neighbors. We understood that much unhappiness in the world happening because people do not know how to communicate with each other and how to build long lasting relations. And miserable people very receptive to outside influences. We decided to help our students to become happiest they ever been.

And then we were lucky - we found best specialists in the world, and already experienced their methods, with staggering, by the way, results. Which we wish you as well.

So, here are our tasks - to dig up and convey true information to those who are ready to listen. And teach ourselves and our children to think.

Dozens of volunteers joined this task, and within six months we built a portal that will be difficult to ban, close, destroy by both government agencies and high-tech giants who hate freedom of speech or other freedoms we enjoy so much.

Now you see the fruits of our labor – Free Speech Territory.

Judge us strictly. And let us know if we haven't taken anything into account yet.

Have a good time with Kamerton. Prepare yourself for the truth, although sometimes truth hurts.

Leon Weinstein